Japanism Sensation – A musical Cultural Fest【21st September】@Arena Madinat Jumeirah Dubai



【 TITLE 】 :Japanism Sensation – A musical Cultural Fest
【 DATE 】 : 21st September
【 PLACE 】 : Arena Madinat Jumeirah Dubai
【 ADDRESS 】 : PO Box 75157 Dubai, UAE
【 TEL 】:+971 4 366 8888

【 OPEN 】 : 20:00

【 CHARGE 】 :
VIP 350.00 AED
Diamond 250.00 AED
Gold 125.00 AED
Balcony 75.00 AED


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JAPANISM SENSATION originated from Japan, HEAVENESE, Zuiho Taiko 2 artists, music played with Japanese musical instruments, Japanese culture, Japan spirit to foreigners staying in Dubai, aiming for cultural exchange between Japan and Dubai, We will hold an event that will be a catalyst for deepening friendship between Japan and Dubai for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in two years and the Dubai International Expo in 2020.


HEAVENESE is a Gospel unit composed by Marré and Kumiko,
but was prompted to start its activities by the King of Gospel,
a 9-time Grammy Winner, Andraé Crouch.
In October 2012, their first EP was released world wide on
Sheila E’s Stilettoflats Music that fuses Japanese soul music and Black music
into a new art form previously not existing.
From the nation often referred to as “The Rising Sun,”
there has risen a brand new genre of music
with a promise to shine throughout the nations.
This alliance, comprised of 14 members with diverse careers and backgrounds,
has been brought together through an unchanging spirit.
It proclaims timeless truth, an aroma to the soul.

[Zuiho Taiko]

Zuiho Taiko was born in 1987 as a Japanese drum club for workers with intellectual disabilities to improve their leisure time. In 2001, they began playing as a professional Japanese drum team as they had dreamed. Zuiho Taiko conducts about 100 performances a year while energetically conducting more than 500 workshop/classes and social action programs/activities a year.

We have conducted overseas performances in six countries: Spain, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Sweden and France. Zuiho Taiko has received outstanding performance awards at home and abroad, such as the Excellence Award at the Tokyo International Japanese Taiko Contest, commendation by the Minister of Justice, and Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology awards. In June 2016, we were also honored to play at the Prime Minister’s Office.

For Nantes, France Zuiho Taiko has completed a spectacular composition called Tenchi Chookyu in 2017. This number contains a wish that “The world will be one to be peaceful and richness of nature will last forever”. We want to convey the resonance of the heart of Zuiho Taiko to all over the world from Dubai as well.